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Posted By: Slag
02-Nov-10 - 04:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trick or Treat. the revenge.
Subject: RE: BS: Trick or Treat. the revenge.
California is a screwy state but not about all things. If I remember right, it is a crime to egg someone or their property, a felony. They upped the ante a little. And gnu! I hope you all was just a kidding. Here it is considered a felonous assult to shoot someone unknowing with a paintball gun. We have had some very serious occurences in both departments.

Getting the goods on video is probably the best remedy as if the police aren't busy with a doughnut break then they are probably on a higher priority case than your little egg-toss fracus. Set up a couple of phoney cameras to serve as a warning to the little dears and a couple of real cameras well hidden. That way you can get them trying to steal or destroy the phoney cameras. A couple of feet of inexpensive coax going through a hole in the wall is a nice touch. Put a big knot in the end so they cannot easily jerk it out.