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Posted By: mousethief
02-Nov-10 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! 2.0 - Fit 12
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! 2.0 - Fit 12
Silver BLOBs! Getcher Silver BLOBs right here!

A full menu BLOB to Georgiansilver for the tasty:
Here a breakfast
there a milkshake
Everywhere a burger.

A high-sodium BLOB for Matthew Edwards for the dime-rhymey:
They were covered in oil, and excessively salty,
He said he was testing them for food quality,

And finally a Latin BLOB to Trapper for the mathematically astute (if scansionally challenged):
The plaintiff claims he gained sixty-five pounds
Sixty-five divided by 12 years
Is annually just a bit more than five pounds
Or daily, just about one quarter ounce