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Posted By: Peter T.
21-Sep-00 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: Anyone here had to recite?
Subject: Anyone here had to recite?
Totally gone from human experience seems to be recitations. When I was a child, memorization to recite in front of whoever was dying, but I still had to do it. "The boy stood on the burning deck" thread reminds me of it. "The Highwayman" was one I had to do. Also, speeches from Shakespeare -- Henry IV, Part 1. Americans at one time had to be able to recite the Gettysburg Address -- a previous generation had to recite Longfellow ("Beneath the spreading chestnut") or other stuff ("Excelsior!") ("Curfew shall not ring tonight!) ("One if by land...").

I hated it, but now I think it is a great loss that no one memorizes this stuff. I wish I had done more of it. If I am ever in prison or on a desert island, I have scraps of stuff, Shakespeare, Milton, mostly. But wouldn't it be nice to have more?

Anyone have other things that they were forced to recite?

yours, Peter T.