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Posted By: WyoWoman
21-Sep-00 - 08:18 PM
Thread Name: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
Subject: RE: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
From behind the partition where Wyo has coaxed the lusty guard come the muffled sounds of a man and woman doing what men and women have been doing since there were men and women to do it.

"Ouch. Shit. When's the last time you shaved?"

"ompghf. soioiufih."

"I don't think you are sorry. I think you're just saying that so you can get laid..."

"Adsldgld. Unhhhhh ..... ooooooh....sdlkfjmgpfffhhh..."

"Yes, of course you can make me feel real good Big Daddy... Just ... ouch... good grief! Don't you even OWN an emery board. Your fingernails are like carpet tacks ..."


"Oh, my goodness. Are we playing tent already??? You need to slow down you great big hunka burnin' funk ..."

Cmmdr.Kat stands like a statue for a moment, her ear pressed close to the flimsy wooden partition. Satisfied, she whispers to the commandos straining to hear the conversation between Wyo and her potentially premature paramour.

"Wyo's got it covered. She'll be able to keep him busy for at least long enough for us to .... Shhhh .... what was that?"

"umn ... Commander Kat?" a little voice called from the back of the dungeon.

"What, Morticia?" Kat hissed, impatient and distracted with her plans.

"What's the 'it' Wyo has covered? Do you think she's finally found her virtue? She said she'd be happy to compromise it if she could ever figure out where she left it...."

"Oh, Morti ...." Suddenly the women all froze. What was that sound? Well, yes. Of course there was Wyo and that poor dear guard making that breathless throaty sound. But from a distance they could hear the unmistakable sound of ....