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Posted By: gourd
22-Sep-00 - 12:57 AM
Thread Name: info request: grayson was a gink
Subject: info request: grayson was a gink
when i was a wee lad, i had a 45rpm record of this song; cain't remember the artist, but this was a novelty track that picked up where "tom dooley" left off. it starts with a woman singing "hold up your head, john grayson, hold up your head and smile"--then a bunch of folks convince her for the rest of the song that grayson was a gink, "a stoolie! i remember him telling the sheriff, 'dooley done it. he stabbed her in the mountains.' 'he stabbed her in the what?' 'in the mountains. right between twin peaks.' 'between twin peaks? they're 20 miles apart!' 'he really knew the territory.' 'grayson?' 'yeah?' 'you're a gink.'"

the back was an shaggy dog story, literally, in which a man dressed as a knight for a costume party ends up knocking on his love interest's door in a rainstorm, riding his dog, to which she of course says, "i hate to see a knight out on a dog like this."

anybody remember this record or know where i can find a recording of it?

thanks, gour