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Posted By: alanabit
14-Nov-10 - 07:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Heavyweight boxing champions
Subject: RE: BS: Heavyweight boxing champions
I read somewhere once that Black African bodies tend to have a slightly higher proportion of bone marrow than White European ones. This was assumed to give Black men slight advantage at certain sports, especially the upper weights of boxing. By the same token, the Europeans were supposed to have a slight advantage at sports like swimming. I do not know enough about physiology to comment on this and I would hate it to be misconstrued as having really horrible, racist connotations.
The current world heavyweight champions with titles that mean anything are the Klitschko brothers, a pair of giant Ukranians. To my eye they are reasonable boxers without having the movement, balance, technical skill or timing of the better heavyweights. They are both in their mid thirties, so it is inevitable that they will make way for another champion, probably in the next couple of years. While Haye is undoubtedly an excellent technician, he is too small to have any chance against the Klitschkos, either of whom will swat him, if he has the temerity to step into the same ring. Haye was superb against Valuev. Valuev's freakish size was his only asset in a boxing ring though. Neither of the Klitschkos is remotely as bereft of boxing ability as Valuev.
At the moment there is no really classy heavyweight in sight. However, I suspect when he does emerge, he will be a Black American. There never was a white British Heavyweight World Champion. Bob Fitzsimmons was indeed born in Cornwall, but he was ten when he became a New Zealander - and I think he was a little older when he became champion! Rocky Marciano is the last American white I know of who became a credible World Heavyweight Champion. In today's boxing rings he would be too small - a cruiserweight at most.