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Posted By: olddude
15-Nov-10 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: It ain't folk if ?
Subject: RE: BS: It ain't folk if ?
What many others see as insanity I scratch my head and I wonder what happened to mudcat's humor. I used to come here and laugh my face off, now with the exception of Spaw we got politics and religion. Now sitting around like an old man complaining about life ain't something I intend to do as I get older. Nice to see that many others don't want that either. But in life there is choices, you can laugh and figure stuff is going to happen, or you can go down the black hole of bitter. Sadly I see too many people becoming old and bitter ... No way to go through the remaining years I think ... bitchin about politics and other people's belief's.   For me, far more fun listening to Spaw go off. If anyone has a just cause for being bitter, he could with all that happened to him. Yet he laughs, calls me on the phone and I laugh .. sad to not see more of it here.

Kat can you close the thread since we did it before