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15-Nov-10 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Eskimo Republic Political Song Book
Subject: RE: Eskimo Republic Political Song Book
Hi Jim,

Sorry to post to this thread but I thought perhaps you'd be monitoring this most recent one to which you contributed. Anyway, I found you while seeking software that can enable the user to whistle a tune and have the sound (hopefully melodic) translated into at least midi but preferably musical notation that a musician could play. Even if it was just solitary notes in sequence with the sustain of each- nothing super fancy like chords, etc. I'm not a musician but I've seen what they call "fake" sheets which is music stripped down to the basics from which a musician can embellish as he plays. I saw your post in which you mentioning your working on such a concept-- to the best of your knowledge has anyone accomplished this. In the day and age of ipod apps (like Ocarina) I picture such a program as an instant bestseller enabling people who have a tune in their head but can only hum or whistle it to become song-writers. Can you imagine the ability to post up an original tune for the whole world to evaluate and perhaps for a musician/songwriter/lyricist to appropriate and for which one could earn the ensuing royalty? The whole concept intrigues me. Any thoughts? Is there a source of talent that could develop this for me that you could recommend?

Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Michael Rotolo contact me directly = marotolo (at) g mail (dot) com