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Posted By: Howard Jones
15-Nov-10 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Moulettes - not folk say gatekeepers
Subject: RE: Moulettes – not folk say gatekeepers
The band may have been around since before the "new folk boom", and may not be bandwagon-jumpers themselves, but this attempt to define them as "folk" definitely smacks of the bandwagon.

Two of the leading folk magazines have said "no thanks". Folk enthusiasts on a folk music forum have said, "nice, but not our sort of thing". Doesn't this suggest you might be barking up the wrong tree?

The problem is that, from a folk perspective, I don't find their music very interesting, whereas in a different context it no doubt goes down very well. Trying to promote it in a genre where it doesn't really fit in, and in particular trying to push it into the magazines, is likely to generate only luke-warm reviews, at best.