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Posted By: GUEST,Sarah's Sharpest-Claus-Of-All Retarts From S
17-Nov-10 - 12:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: 2010 Secret Santas tormenting Santees!
Subject: RE: BS: 2010 Secret Santas tormenting Santees!
Thank you for your haunting tales
Where zombies stalk and a spirit wails
But now's the time we must start talking
Of Yuletide spirit and your Christmas stalking
Get rid of those library blues
From underpay and overdues
That haunt you in your "Reading Gaol"
And wear you out from your week's travail.
Sit back and let your mind succumb
To thoughts of presents yet to come
Of treasures great in their abundance
While hoping there is no redundance.
Your gifts have all been found, in fact,
Although they had to be repacked.
I hope their eventual host'll
Forgive delay from matters postal
But now they're set to go and I'm
Sure they'll arrive by Christmas time.
Ere Christmas Morn there will be there a
Box full of loot for flautist Sarah!