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Posted By: My guru always said
17-Nov-10 - 08:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: 2010 Secret Santas tormenting Santees!
Subject: RE: BS: 2010 Secret Santas tormenting Santees!
Santa Dear, my apologies for the delay in replying, I've not been misbehaving or anything, just fairly immobile. Have seen my chiropracter yesterday and today so I'm feeling more Christmassy now *grin*

Of course you're at the North Pole (silly question) but surely you have a 'holiday home' elsewhere? Can you give me any clues?

Re. earrings, how nice of you to ask! I have a fairly large collection now, mostly pretty and not really outrageous. The majority (apart from all the moonstone) are plain silver dangly ones and I've been particularly looking for spirals recently.

Looking forward to hearing from you again and I'll try to keep the Christmas spirit flowing!