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Posted By: bubblyrat
19-Nov-10 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Shruti Boxes - Thoughts?
Subject: RE: Tech: Shruti Boxes - Thoughts?
Yes, I succumbed at Towersey and bought a "G" one ; as others have said, it goes brilliantly with harmonica / mouth organ.Mine goes nicely with my Tombo "Band" mouth-organ, and the combination sounds great for ( so far !) Scottish tunes such as "Highland Laddie" (I haven't tried "Donkey Riding " yet, but....!!) and songs like "Mairie's Wedding " & "Westering Home". The only "trick" or "knack" is learning how and when to stop the bloody thing at the end of a "Push" or "Pull " stroke just as you finish playing ! Get it wrong, and it keeps droning away until you can close it & do up the clips ; I wish mine had a silent air button !!