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Posted By: pdq
19-Nov-10 - 02:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Remember President Truman
Subject: RE: BS: Remember President Truman
There is a serious effort by the Democrat publicity machinery to elevate Harry Truman to the position of "face of the Democratic Party".

They don't want that face to be Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Lyndon Johnson because the American people can't stand any of them.

Kennedy would be the logical choice, but his tax cuts were even greater than those of George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, and Kennedy was an unabashed patriot. He would be too conservative to get nominated by the Democrats of today.

A recent poll said the "greatest living president" is George (H.W.) Bush with almost half the American people, George W. Bush second with almost 30%. That leaves about 23% for Clinton and Carter to split. Poor old Jimmy gets barely 6% despite his delusional claim to be the best living ex-president.