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Posted By: Bill D
19-Nov-10 - 07:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Remember President Truman
Subject: RE: BS: Remember President Truman
Back in the late 60s, when we all wore various buttons (bought in 'head shops', many of 'em) I found one which said:

Come Back, Truman-All Is Forgiven

(Stringsinger- I respect your opinion, but I very much doubt that it was a "pretext"... that it would end the war sooner. We could debate it forever, and it seems we will, but the real answer to that will never be certain. It is claimed that we had good evidence that Japan was prepared to defend 'home' to the last, and I think it is likely that Truman based his decision on that. Even so, surrender was not immediate...even after Nagasaki. If that test in New Mexico had failed and we HAD invaded Japan, we might not have been so lenient after the war and...and...and... speculation is just a game...)