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Posted By: Jim McLean
21-Nov-10 - 05:37 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Smile In Your Sleep / Hush, hush
Subject: RE: Origins: Smile In Your Sleep / Hush, hush
Dave, I have heard the gaelic song "Chi Mi na Morbheanna" sung many times and always enjoyed its beuty. It illustrates the melodic difference to "Mist Covered Mountains", the pipe tune, which I used (with modifications) for "Smile in your Sleep". "Chi Mi na Morbheanna" uses basically the same melody for verse and chorus whereas "Mist Covered Mountains" is a two parter. The program was of course about John Cameron's lyrics, beautifully wedded to the tune which has already been pointed out to be a variant of "Johnny so Long at the Fair".

Big Gallus Moll, I produced a booklet of 25 Scottish Rebel songs, with music, in 1968 and still have some. Email me at and I'll see what I can do .... my attic is full of them! I had to print thousands to get a price I could afford.