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Posted By: Amos
23-Nov-10 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD: New 'Blue Plate Specials' Series 2
Subject: RE: Tech: New BLUE PLATE SPECIALs Series 2
Those are great names, Bradfordian!

I would be happy to add a cut.

As I recall there were several major phases. The first was demanding content, beating the bushes, tracking down reluctant stars, and reminding people relentlessly until they sent in their tapes, disks, microdisks, CDs, or whatever they had.

The second was choosing the inclusions out of all the candidates. This was hard because so many excellent songs were sent in. My policy was that anyone who tool the trouble to send in material should be represented--which is why there were so many CDs in the series.

Then, sorting them into sequence for the five disks and normalizing or optimizing the recordings as best I could with the tools and skills I had, which were somewhat limited.

Anyway, I also made a point of also continuously letting people know where we stood, what the deadlines were.

There was a huge amount of work done by other folks--graphics, and tracking down what was legal to use, and generating the liner notes for each disk. Mostly serving as a clearing house and facilitator for a lot of very bright people.