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23-Nov-10 - 09:53 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fire Maringo / Fire Marengo
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Fire Maringo / Fire Marengo
Should be a Marengo Day.

Battle of Marengo fought June 14, 1800. Napoleon against Austrians, Italy.
The song stems from this battle near Marengo, Italy, also some of the towns (Marengo also is a surname).

Marengo, Illinois- don't know month or day, but dates from 1835.
Marengo, Iowa, August, 1845
Marengo, Ohio
Marengo, Wisconsin
Marengo, Illinois
Marengo, Louisiana
Marengo, Saskatchewan- date?
Marengo County, Alabama
Marengo Cave, Indiana
Marengo, Italy

Lyr. Add: Marengo, Sakatchewan
By Jeremy Fisher.

Here I am in Marengo, Saskatchewan,
The world looks big from here you know,
And that's what I want.

One pool, one pump and a cheap hotel
Are the only landmarks that I can tell in Marengo
At the centre of town.

The kids in the park stop to shoot the breeze
They're gettin' out of this town before they get too deep
Down in Marengo, Saskatchewan.

I talked to some folks in the bar
They said not many people even come this far
Just for God's sake Saskatchewan.

She keeps puttin' her coins in the slot
And her old man don't seem to care a hell of a lot
You know the straight grain on the elevator is set to fall
And in the big city they don't talk about a prairie town too much
If they talk about it at all.

I fell asleep down in Marengo, Saskatchewan
The stars look big from here you know
So you can tell dear Marengo
I wish her well.

Marengo Resorts, southern Europe.
Marengo Mining, Australia, Papua-New Guinea

Chicken a la Marengo.

Marengo, the horse Napoleon rode at Waterloo and previous battles.