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Posted By: Jeri
27-Nov-10 - 07:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Subject: RE: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
People who toss out that "elitist" label really mean "smart". Do they really want a president who isn't any smarter than the average American? It explains why some less-than-genius candidates end up winning, but I can't believe people wouldn't want someone smart running the country.

During the campaign, one criticism I heard was that people who supported him were giving him the "rock star" treatment, and they would be disillusioned when he didn't perform miracles. I think there are people who feel that way now, but it's pretty stupid to have expected miracles, especially considering his foes wanted him to fail just because their guy didn't win. Now the RepubliTeaCons criticize him because he didn't perform miracles while they fought him every step of the way.

Our political processes are not set up to be effective making things better for the country. I think if ANY president manages to get anything positive done, it IS a miracle.