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Posted By: GUEST,Doc John
28-Nov-10 - 10:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Met Office Proves Manmade Global Warming
Subject: BS: Met Office Proves Manmade Global Warming
I heard on BBC radio that this year has been the warmest on record from the average temperatures and this 'proves' man made global warming. It may well prove global warming but they didn't include the logical steps to show that it was man made. To me and probably most listeners 'this year' started on January 1st 2010 and the Met Office's anouncement was on November 25th. In other words they haven't include the end bit of the year (1/12 not a day or two) which has proved to be much the coldest part by far. Did the Met Office know what was coming and this was another Government softening up of the tax payer ready for the VAT increases next year? If the Met Office were privatised and the oil companies bought the major shares would the figures be twisted to show this was the coldest year on record? It certainly feels lke it at the moment.