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Posted By: GUEST,Steamin' Willie
28-Nov-10 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Met Office Proves Manmade Global Warming
Subject: RE: BS: Met Office Proves Manmade Global Warming
Ok, so the planet can (and will) look after itself eventually. It is a fact that plankton have more effect than those made "in his image."

However, we have accelerated global warming and the influence of man is the cause of the acceleration. That is not a moot point, it is just a fact. Not there for political or economic argument, (other than accepting that politics and economics can help slow down the effects,) and no amount of selective reporting or plain crap will alter the fact.

I have a mate who was in denial about his drug problem. Jeremy Clarkson is in climate denial, same thing. Are there others too? How can someone cure themselves? Mainly by accepting that global warming is not a fallacy concocted to raise VAT. (Heard everything now.)

Yes, governments will use any convenience to justify their ends. Thrones and pulpits have found convenient explanations of natural phenomena since time began.

But that doesn't mean the earth isn't getting a healthy glow, 'cos it is. Cold winters? This particular snap is due to the jetstream moving a bit further from course than normal. Why? A bit hotter south of here than is normal. You are at liberty to ignore that, as I read it on the Met Office website.