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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Nov-10 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Subject: RE: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Basketball is a far simpler game, Bobert.

I think, as Akenaton suggested, that Obama is simply doing pretty much what the powers-that-be are allowing him to do. He's not the boss. He's the figurehead. The system of power that exists all around him is the boss, because it just goes on and on while he is merely temporary. And what is power? From where does it derive? From money, that's where. They with the most money ARE the power that rules, that fields armies, that builds A-bombs, that passes laws, and that determines policy. And so it has ever been.

A given president can have some effect on that through the force of his own personality and his ideas about things...but only to a limited extent. He's on a short leash. Within the reach of that leash he can affect things to a degree, but only as far as the leash will stretch. Beyond that, he is a puppet of the system that put him in place and will still be there when he's gone.

What I'd say about Obama is that he's been less effective within that short leash than I'd have hoped he would have been. But I wasn't expecting any miracles, that's for sure. I am not surprised by how little has really changed since Bush left and Obama came in. It's about what I would have expected (though I did hope for more).

The problem isn't Obama or Bush. The problem is a great imperial system that has long passed its apogee and is now teetering down the descending slope of decadence and bankruptcy.