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28-Nov-10 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Subject: RE: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Little Hawk: "The problem isn't Obama or Bush. The problem is a great imperial system that has long passed its apogee and is now teetering down the descending slope of decadence and bankruptcy."

I tend to greatly agree with you, except I don't blame the system, but rather the corrupted compromises that tend to allure the public's sense of entitlement(s). ..and by that, I don't mean 'entitlement programs', but rather the public's laziness to think someone else will take care of them, and do their thinking for them!....and that's the trade-off. Now we have both sides selling us a bad bill of goods, and remedies that earlier bad policies created...only compounding the problem, till we have a ruling class, in Washington, that is irrecognizable, to the original principles, of government getting OUT of the way of the common citizen, but rather protecting a land where common folk could live, and pursue their personal goals and dreams, for themselves, families, and communities. Now we have a giant, intrusive, all controlling tyranny, of sorts, that dictate what SHOULD be our hopes, and dreams, and limitations of creative thinking! Shame on them, and shame on those who buy into it, and shame on those who promote it!!!