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29-Nov-10 - 03:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Subject: RE: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Hawk: "I think it's a bit of both, but it's true that the North American public at present are remarkably passive and are suckers for whatever delusions and appetites their mass media feeds them, so I think that it's mostly the system that is shaping the people nowadays rather than the other way around."

Was 'folk' protest songs in the mass media? the 60's? Think it shaped lives?..Well, some heard, some didn't, and some were annoyed. I find it more effective to write for, and about 'deeper things', or use images, that resonates with a wider group, as to get their attention, on whatever 'level' they first perceive the song... only to find it has a higher(deeper)meaning, that now causes the listener to address 'thinking', with the consideration of more considered aspects.
How many people lives or thinking gets influenced?? How far does it take them?..I think it may be up to them. Sometimes people send up these 'wishes' or 'curious thoughts'......then sometimes as an answer, out of seemingly nowhere, a song hits them at the right time..blows their socks off...sometimes not...ya' just gotta' throw it out there....and the audience will tell you if you got 'taste' or not.

Oh shit, got carried away there. Should send it to the 'Clarity' thread....Anyway, Little Hawk, I'm pretty sure you could follow that, and know exactly what I'm talking about.

Oh, who is Barack Obama?....... Does he play an instrument?

P.S. Yahoo Messenger?....unless there is another way.(It takes bigger files).