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Posted By: Rumncoke
29-Nov-10 - 09:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Met Office Proves Manmade Global Warming
Subject: RE: BS: Met Office Proves Manmade Global Warming
As I approach retirement - (if the age ever actually arrives, I have already been told I must soldier on for more than a year past the date I expected) - I will enjoy seeing the buds on my apple trees and next doors plum break a little earlier most years, hearing the warcries of the lttle birds grow strident earlier, and tending the grapes on my outdoor vine, now that they are becoming ripe almost every year.

I shall be most disappointed if after spending 30 years in the same place and watching the seasons change, it all turns out to be just some little blip and we go back to later Springs and earlier Autumns.

I don't think grape vines can be disappointed, such life is ever hopeful, but I did think that in the first year of the new millenium it looked a bit smug and 'told you so' after 20 years of failing to produce a single edible grape. I won't be doing much with two bunches of tart black grapes in a good year - other than proving a point.

Perhaps I ought to cut a hole into the conservatory and train the vine through it, so it can take advantage of the shelter and the heat of Summers yet to come.