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Posted By: Georgiansilver
29-Nov-10 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Subject: RE: BS: Who Is Barack Obama?
Don(Wyziwyg) I tend to read quite a few articles on that particular site and have no problem suggesting others do too. Everyone has freedom of access to whatever information available but they also have freedom to believe whatever they want...... Should I no more believe what is in that article than believe what is in the press?? We only find out what we are fed in any case. That particular site can be an eye opener and if you look back over some of the very early articles you may see things 'suggested' which have become reality. I don't describe anyone elses take on anything as low grade bullshit unless I can adequately prove against it.............. Oh and I didn't call it info on Obama... it is info on Obama whether correct or incorrect.

PS I have nothing personally against Obama or America as a whole.............