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Posted By: olddude
29-Nov-10 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wikileaks - how embarrassing
Subject: RE: BS: Wikileaks - how embarrasing
What movie was it that Jack Nickelson playing a Marine Commander said
"truth, you can't handle the truth"

biggest question for me and one more troublesome, How the hell did a pfc get access to this. All communications is supposed to be encrypted double key pairs? so how the hell is he able to print this right off the system? That someone needs to answer for it is far more important then what is contained in the leaks. These are embassy transmissions. Somebody really dropped the ball as this is not the 1950's where someone manually decodes , prints then runs to the intended addressee with a piece of paper. Transmissions are in key pairs, private and public keys. The decryption is done by a private key known only to the addressee.

Major breach