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Posted By: Jim Dixon
01-Dec-10 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fine Sally (Brown Girl???)
Subject: Lyr Add: SALLY AND BILLY
From Real Sailor-Songs by John Ashton (London: The Leadenhall Press, 1891), page 71:


'Tis of a young sailor, from Dover he came.
He courted pretty Sally, pretty Sally was her name,
But she was so lofty, and her portion was so high,
That she on a Sailor would scarce cast an eye.

O, Sally, O, Sally, O, Sally, says he,
I fear that your false heart will my ruin be,
Unless that your hatred should turn into love,
I'm afraid that your false heart will my ruin prove.

My hatred's not to you, nor any other man,
But to say that I love you, is more than I can,
So keep your intentions, and hold your discourse,
For I never will marry you without I am forc'd.

When seven long weeks were over and past,
His pretty maid she fell sick at the last,
Entangled in love, and she knew not for why,
So she sent to the Sailor whom she did deny.

O, am I the doctor that you have sent for me?
Or, am I the young man that you'd wish to see?
O, yes, you're the doctor that can kill or cure.
The pain that I feel, love, is hard to endure.

O, Sally, O, Sally, O, Sally, says he,
Pray don't you remember how you slighted me?
How you have slighted me, my love, and treated me with scorn?
But now I will reward you for what you have done.

But what is past and gone, my love, forget, forgive,
And grant me a little while longer to live.
O, no, my dearest Sally, for as long as I breathe,
I'll dance on your grave, my love, that you lay underneath.

She took rings from her fingers by one, two, and three,
Saying, Here, my dearest Billy, in remembrance of me,
In remembrance of me, my love; when I am dead and gone,
Perhaps you may be sorry for what you have done.

So, adieu to my daddy, my mammy, and my friends,
And adieu to this young sailor, for he will make me no amends.
Likewise to this young sailor, for he will not pity me.
Ten thousand times over, my folly I do see.

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