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03-Dec-10 - 08:52 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Courting Too Slow
Subject: Lyr. Add: Young-Man's Complaint
Lyr. Add: The Young-Mans Complaint for The Loss of His Mistris
New tune: I Have Lost My Dear Mistress

Come hearken Apollo my pitiful groan,
Of all loyal lovers that is left here alone;
I'le fight for my true love though Mars be my foe,
For I've lost my dear Mistris by being too Slow.
Now lovers are often tormented in mind,
When as their own sweet-hearts proves to them unkind
Though many that hears me the ..... would forgoe
I have lost my dear Mistris by being too Slow.
I would I had ne'r seen her, that I had ne'r been,
That I for her love now sorrow have seen;
But my heart it with sorrow my senses or'e gro (?)
That I've lost my dear Mistris by being too Slow.
When as we were children we loved most dear,
But now of that love I am never the near;
My heart is so sad and oppressed with woe,
That I've lost my dear Mistris by being too slow.
When unto years eider our Youth did it spring,
Then to Complimenting I stright did begin:
Yet faithfulness daunted and shamed me so,
That I lost my dear Mistris by being too Slow.
Quoth I my dear honey though I cannot wooe, (?)
Yet slight me not for it for loving of you:
Entirely I love thee, the truth it is so,
Then do not refuse me by being too Slow.
At fairs and at markets you know it right well,
That I in your company still did excel:
Neither car'd I for Money nor time it is so,
Then let me not loose you by being too Slow.
But she gave me denial and bid me be gone,
For all I lamented and to her made moan,
Saying I would not have you any more to do so,
For you have lost me plainly by being too Slow.

Undoubtedly I have made errors in transcribing the old lettering. The last line of each verse is in more modern lettering and seems to have been added later. Several of these old songs about being too slow; not necessarily related.

Coles, F. (London), and others, between 1674-1679. Bodleian Collection, Don. b.13(109).
The Maidens Answer is on the same sheet.