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Posted By: Jim Carroll
05-Dec-10 - 03:29 AM
Thread Name: does anyone know a wife-selling song?
Subject: RE: does anyone know a wife-selling song?
Peggy Seeger used to tell a story, I think, to introduce a song called Mountaineer's Courtship, which went something like....

"A mountain man used to come into town once a year to stock up on necessities for the winter, food, likker, firin' and such, and one year he was down, after he had bought his provisions and his booze, he made up his mind and he bought him a wife.
When he was done with his shopping and his boozin' and his card playin', he set her up on the back of the mule, along with the flour and the vittles and all, and headed for home.
As they started up the mountain the mule stumbled, and the feller said;
"That's one, mule".
A few miles further the mule stumbled again and the man said again;
"That's two, mule".
Hadn't hardly got started but a short distance when the mule stumbled a third time; the feller said;
"That's three, mule"; and did no more than go round to the packs on the mule's back, took out his shotgun and shot the mule dead".
Well - the wife started up fit to bust:
"What did you do that fer, what harm's the poor critter ever done you, this here's a rocky road enough to trip a mountain goat, and how're we goin' to get home now......." and on and on with such.
"That's one, wife".

Jim Carroll