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06-Dec-10 - 09:00 AM
Thread Name: Are most composers smokers?
Subject: RE: Are most composers smokers?
Most garbage collectors I know smoke. Are they better garbage collectors because they smoke? Most composers used to wear smoking jackets. Maybe it was the jacket?

I've never smoked cigarettes, but then I'm a songwriter, not a composer. Someone told me that if I was happy I couldn't write anymore. Dang!!! That's bs, too. I think my songwriting has improved and I am more prolific. If I can't write blues songs, so be it. Not that I ever did, anyway. I'll make that sacrifice.

People have all sorts of silly theories about creativity. Drugs may indeed open new doors for musicians, although I've never tried them. The dark side of that is that so many musicians who use drugs heavily end up dead before they reach thirty. Those who have a long career usually have it because they stoped taking drugs.