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Posted By: JeffK
24-Sep-00 - 11:13 PM
Thread Name: Dave Van Ronk
Subject: Paul Geremia film
Originally posted this in the 'Dave Van Ronk' thread, but why not start one with Paul's name on it?

OK, I'm new here, but I'm the guy who has the Dave Van Ronk Page at But I'm especially glad to see all the interest in Paul Geremia. If you have ANY interest in his music, you really have to check out my friend Geoff Mosher's page on him at Video clips, interview clips, great page! I had no part in it, so I'm tooting his horn, not my own! If you want to email him about it, let me know and I'll send his address...I don't think it's on the page, though I could be wrong. But, he got the video clips etc from the footage we shot for the video documentary we did on Paul, "Truth is on the Streets." There's a link about it here: If you're interested in the video, let us know, we can get you a copy. Glad to be here at mudcat, at any rate...seems there's some good stuff going on here.


p.s. we're working on other documentaries now. Have filmed quite a bit for one on Roy Book Binder, and are currently editing one on Peter Keane...anyone heard of him? He's great!