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Posted By: GUEST,Rev. Jimmy Lee Staggers
08-Dec-10 - 09:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Y'all are on the Hell-bound train! Y'all will be dumped in a lake of fire, with fire coming out of every opening in your bodies as the fires of your sins eat you from within like battery acid. You will have an itch, a terrible, burning itch, in places where you can't reach to scratch. Yes, and giant fiends with the wings of bats, fiends who breathe fire and brimstone, will torture you in unspeakable ways BECAUSE YOU HAVE TURNED FROM THE LIGHT AND GOODNESS TO THE WAYS OF SATAN AND ALL HIS WORKS AND POMPS!! But there is still hope, yes, as long as you exist you have Hope. But you must give over all your evil sinful tricks and repent. Yes, I say REPENT! Give all you have to the poor so that you are no longer tempted and hindered by the Things of This World! Remember what Paul says in Corinthians 3! Sell all you have and send to the Rev. Jimmy Lee Staggers Ministries and we will see that it is distributed to the neediest among us.