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08-Dec-10 - 09:47 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Somebody's Waiting for Me (Sterling/Von T
Subject: Lyr Add: SOMEBODY'S WAITING FOR ME (Sterling/Von T
From the sheet music at Indiana University:

Words, Andrew B. Sterling. Music, Harry Von Tilzer.
New York: Leo Feist. Copyright 1902.

1. It was in a Concert Garden, where the fun was at its height.
All were youthful and the wine began to flow.
From a table in the corner then a young man slowly rose
And said, "It's growing late, boys. I must go."
'Twas a burst of laughter rang out, as he stood there, hat in hand.
"Why, it's only twelve o'clock," then someone cried.
And another said, "Sit down, Jack. Why the fun has just commenced,"
But he slowly shook his head as he replied:

CHORUS: "Somebody's waiting for me,
Someone who loves me, I know,
Somebody's wondering where I can be,
And what can be keeping me so;
Somebody's heart is sad, watching so anxiously.
There's a light shining bright
In the window tonight,
For there's somebody waiting for me."

2. "You have got a sweetheart, somewhere," one among them softly said.
"Is she handsome, Jack? Pray introduce us, do."
"If you'll come with me," he answered, "I will show her to you, boys,
The only sweetheart that I ever knew."
Then he led them to a cottage, pointed through the window pane,
Where a gray-haired woman sat, with a bowed-down head.
"It's my mother. She's my sweetheart. It was her I meant tonight,
So you see, I told the truth, boys, when I said: CHORUS