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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
25-Sep-00 - 09:37 AM
Thread Name: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
Subject: RE: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
Davinia, seeing Naemanson marching out in an apparant daze, stuck her(?) face around the corner of the alley she had last been seen capering down.

"Mmmmm" she pondered, "What might Spaw be playing at? Plenty of silk here to make the hankies but no bells (belles?). And why send an agent with no idea what is going on?"

Shruging her shoulders she began to cut 12" squares from the parachute material. A tingle down her spine made her dive for cover just as the sword whistled above her head. Rolling heavily to the left she leapt up and flicked both hankies into the face of her assailant. He fell heavily but she then saw the rest of them...

Five other sword wielding assasins in colourful costume stopped their deadly dance of death as the strains of wheezy instrument fell into silence. The looked dumbstruck and then, one by one, they fell to their knees.

"Oh forgive us , great one. We did not know that you were the prophesised holy one."

Davinia kept quiet but her mind was racing

Whistling "Jockey to the fair" Davinia skipped back down the alley, this time followed by five awestruck devotees who had substituted their swords with more silk hankies cut from the parachute silk.....

Was this the mission Kat had planned or was she falling into a sub plot unleashed by a devious enemy? Who was the enemy? The Afgans? The Russians? The Morris Ring???

If she could just use her new powers to find out and infiltrate the inner sanctum there may just be some hope....