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Posted By: Mountain Dog
10-Jun-98 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Wringle Wrangle (sung by Fess Parker)
Subject: RE: Do you know the song to this line?
Ah, Bart!

The thing has yet to stride forth entire from the swirling mists of memory, but your line from the chorus, "An when I die, I ain't a-gonna cry, cause I got me a purty woman's love." did bring forth this scrappet of verse:

"A dollar's worth a'beans,

A new pair a'jeans

And a woman to cook and warsh...and sing;

And when I die..."

I seem to recall a rendition from a children's record years ago, but I'll have to check with my little brother. He's the "musical moke" of the family and will remember this ditty if anyone I know can.

Meanwhile, perhaps our own Gene Graham, living treasure and country-folk maven extraordinaire might have a line on where this tune originated.