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Posted By: Jim Dixon
10-Dec-10 - 06:21 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Back and Sides Go Bare
Subject: Lyr Add: BACK AND SIDE GO BARE (Gammer Gurton's...
From Gammer Gurton's Needle (Forgotten Books), page 14:

[The original was produced as a play around 1553 and first printed in 1575. This edition from 1906 seems to have had its spelling modernized.]

CHORUS: Back and side go bare,
Both foot and hand go cold;
But, belly, God send thee good ale enough,
Whether it be new or old.

1. I cannot eat but little meat.
My stomach is not good;
But sure I think that I can drink
With him that wear a hood.
Though I go bare, take ye no care;
I am nothing a-cold;
I stuff my skin so full within
Of jolly good ale and old.

2. I love no roast but a nut-brown toast
And a crab laid in the fire.
A little bread shall do me stead;
Much bread I not desire.
No frost or snow, no wind, I trow,
Can hurt me if I would;
I am so wrapt, and thoroughly lapt
Of jolly good ale and old.

3. And Tib, my wife, that as her life
Loveth well good ale to seek,
Full oft drinks she till ye may see
The tears run down her cheek;
Then doth she trowl to me the bowl,
Even as a malt-worm should;
And saith, sweet heart, I took my part
Of this jolly good ale and old.

4. Now let them drink till they nod and wink,
Even as good fellows should do;
They shall not miss to have the bliss
Good ale doth bring men to;
And all poor souls that have scoured bowls,
Or have them lustily troll'd,
God save the lives of them and their wives,
Whether they be young or old.