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Posted By: Stower
11-Dec-10 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Who was King Edward of 17th century?
Subject: RE: Origins: Who was King Edward of 17th century?
GSS, are you trying to stir it?

"apart from no 4 were nonenties." A king is a nonentity? That's rather overstating it.

"whats all this squit" ... squit? I thought we were having a reasoned and informed discussion. I'm not sure "squit" is a word used in reasoned and informed discussion about others' contributions ... "about james and charles, they are about as relevant as elisabeth 1, or james [the old sow, another fellow who was more interested in men]." No one has mentioned Elizabeth as the subject of the ballad. James was an "old sow"? Does this characterisation help us understand the subtleties of history, his personality, or the ballad which is the subject of this thread?

I'd think you more likely to make a useful contribution if I didn't know that this site is where you went to copy the information you posted into your offering above.