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Posted By: Richie Black (misused acct, bad email)
14-Dec-10 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
Subject: RE: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
Sadly yet again we are subjected to the rants of the cyber equivalent of a pub bore. He seems to have this need to join in every conversation regardless how little he knows about any of the subjects. Once he is proved wrong, he goes off and starts a thread of his own.

At first he comes across as a well behaved boy (mostly!), but then he seems to have a problem with accepting the views of others. Now I have got quite annoyed with this in the past but have come to realise he's not being rude he just finds the truth difficult to accept. Now I know this sounds precious but I find when you ask him a question he just seems to get confused and wander.