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Posted By: Lox
14-Dec-10 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
Subject: RE: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
"as I understand it US students have for many years had to take jobs to finance their university education."

And in America the opportunity divide between rich and poor is more pronounced than in any other nation in the industrialized world.

Many students have to drop out of college becuae the pressure is simply too great.

Trying to concentrate on a degree whilst exhausted from working the night shift for nothing, coupled with the insecurity of a low paid unprotected job is hard enough, and worse when the job ends for whatever reason.

Instead of devoting time and energy to ones studies/research, one spends ones time running round from interview to interview worrying about whether one will continue to have a roof over ones head next month.

Some make it through, but not all.

Serendipity allows a few to make it, not just hard work.

Somne people who work extremely hard and are extremely focussed on their degree end up unable to complete their degrees for the reasons I've explained above.

This is best described as education being a privilege reserved for those born into the right circumstances.

It should be the privilege of every citizen in a civilized society.