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Posted By: Lox
14-Dec-10 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
Subject: RE: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
Let me explain for all you in the slow lane.

Richard hasn't said anything about homosexuals, except insofar as many Gays would object to being compared to Nick Clegg.

What he has done is accurately describe Clegg and Cable as Camerons 'Bitches', 'Hoes', 'sex toys'.

And lets face it - Cameron is definitely not the one on the receiving end.

Its a very good metaphor.

And its an incredible testament to how weak minded you pathetic flag wavers are that the best you can do to debate him is take his pretty ordinary, non controversial quips and use them as evidence that he wants to shoot someone or that he hates homosexuals.

Relax - Gay pride will be on again next year and you're freedom to have consensual sex with members of the same sex will remain unfettered despite richards 'heinous' comments.

Just remember, please, to use a condom and a WATER based lubricant.