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Posted By: mikesamwild
16-Dec-10 - 04:19 AM
Thread Name: Why do folk music radio programs fail?
Subject: RE: Why do folk music radio programs fail?
Mainstream radio seems to be driven by commercial or economic rules.
It is quite common for networking of a service from a central spot which is often a kiss of death to localism.

Unfortunately a local programme , which is great for up to date news of events and tasters has to pay its way.

In a time of financial cuts community radio which is subsidised is under threat.

Maybe we will come down to internet programmes put on by enthusiasts at their own expense. I can envisage a streamed interactive programme that would do what we do on these social networks. that could be quite inclusive, they could be streamed or downloaded later and cross time boundaries.

I'm sure we'll hear from people doing just that.

I'd like to know how many 'listeners' such programmes get nobody wants to be like the last of the great whales beaming it out to a diminishing population.