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Posted By: GUEST,Steamin' Willie
16-Dec-10 - 06:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
Subject: RE: BS: Tory liars attack youth education
Naw, left school with three CSE grade 1, just enough to scrape an apprenticeship with the National Coal Board. Mind you, on the academic front, I did (much later in life) write a PhD thesis accredited through two universities in two countries, hence two certificates on the old wall. Making up for it I suppose.

The work I do with universities now are in three very different fields, which to an otherwise academic ignoramus like me, tells me a lot about the paper tiger we call "educated."

So... addressing your point; I genuinely hope that the meritocracy that has been sweeping through the public sector over the last twenty years is weeding such things out to a degree. Of course, I am talking about those who run the country, not those who run for public office. Labour will always want the odd Skinner, and the tories will always want the odd "old school tie." T'was ever thus.

The most senior person in the NHS would be the national Chief Executive. David had the same level of education as me, (and nearby for that matter,) and he is an ex member of The British Communist Party. His survival from the last government to this one does give weight to the move towards what you have rather than where you got it?

Public bodies signing up to stunts such as Equal Opportunities etc has made it harder to get in through your tie and and easier to get in through your brain.

Of course, our chinless wonder "old school tie" friends can do well in this climate. Sadly, educational attainment is still much higher in public schools than state run ones.

(American dudes reading; public means private. It's ok, we can handle it, it is our language don't forget!)