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Posted By: ollaimh
18-Dec-10 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: Busking Editorial (Ottawa, Canada)
Subject: RE: Busking Editorial (Ottawa, Canada)
i used to busk ottawa occasionally. usualyy when up there to vist a few friends.

there is good busking but don't forgetb that the authoritues at the by ward market tried to criminally charge buskers they didn't like.

the police went along and jailed a couple i knew for twenty hours untill they decided not to lay charges.

the market nazis thought they owned the street. in fact the city of ottawa owns the streets on which their market stands and they are allowed there just like the buskers. what a spoke that put in their wheels to find they were guests of the city just like us peons. they were also sued successfully by a busker whose image they used to advertize with and not pay him.

these kind of bureaucrats think they are monarchs not managers, see the discussion about folklife threats and arrests.the parasitic class think they are the rulers and the producers of our society.

then the market tried to charge a fee for a licence and arrestec people who refused to buy the lcence--in thre case of the guy whose image they misappropriated they threatened him with arrest as well--such power freaks. this led to a law suit and the courts reminded the jerks that they can't charge a fee for streets they don't own. the city of ottawa could but not the narket--who are guests like everybody else using the space for comercial purposes.
now on the bright side when hassled i told them to politely piss off and made hundreds a day several times. it helps to be a new face in town and it was winter. i can play in the canadian winter but many can't. i had my pick of the spots and sold a dozen tapes as well as the change.

so a tip of the hat to those still busking ottawa especially in the winter