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Posted By: GUEST,The Beatles Were The Greatest Rock Band Ever
19-Dec-10 - 04:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: 30th anniversary, murder of John Lennon
Subject: RE: BS: 30th anniversary, murder of John Lennon
I have been a huge highly impressed Beatles fan(specifically a big John and Paul fan) since I was 9 and I started to collect their albums,I got my first Beatles book for 11th birthday and I had every album by age 13.

I was 15 and a half when this horrible insane,incomprehensible tragedy happened.I have never had ESP experiences before that I can recall.But the creepiest and strangest thing happened to me the night he was tragically,cruelly,killed for no rational reason,but I didn't know it yet,I didn't find out until the next morning when I heard my parents watching Good Morning America and the DJ Murray The K who had been a big Beatles fan and friend of theirs was on talking about it almost crying with David Hartman.

I had enough problems I was going through and now I was devastated to learn this! But the actual night it happened about an hour before John was shot,I took a pice of paper and wrote the time which was around 9 somthing PM and the date Monday December 8 1980 and I placed it inside the Beatles book I got for my 11th birthday 4 and half years before,with some flowers which I had never done before in all of these years I owned it.

Also between 10:30 to 11 PM I was listening to The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album,which wasn't unusual but for some unknown reason I kept playing John's song I Am The Walrus over and over again,John was shot during this time period! After I learned what happened I looked in my Beatles book at where I placed the paper with the time and date and the flowers,and it was right near John's face,and it was a group picture of The Beatles in India!

Somehow because I always loved them so much and still do,I was subconsciously intuned to something bad happening to John and was saying good-bye.