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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Dec-10 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: And yet more abusing priests (Ireland)
Subject: RE: BS: And yet more abusing priests (Ireland)
"But we should not forget that all of this was the fault of a comparatively small group of men within the Catholic Church."
Don't know how closely you've been following this Don, but here in Ireland the situation has moved far beyond your small group of men.
The focus has now shifted to the cover-up - two full pages devoted to it in yesterday's Irish Times.
The fact that the diocese knew about Walsh's crimes 17 years before they did anything about it, enabling him to assault many more children, just about sums it up; far from it being a matter of individuals, it is fast becoming a case of corporate crime.
The surface has not yet been scratched yet.
And it really isn't good enough for anybody to point the finger and say "So-and-so did worse things"; that really is scraping the bottom of the barrel in defence of the indefencible; who next, Hitler, Pinochet, Jack the Ripper.
Far from this being over, I'm afraid it's ony just started - we have yet to see what has happened in Northern Ireland; and one day the Magdelene girls will get their place in the sun.
Jim Carroll