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Posted By: bradfordian
20-Dec-10 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD: New 'Blue Plate Specials' Series 2
Subject: RE: Tech: New 'Blue Plate Specials' Series 2
Being laid up with the dreaded flu these past few days, I got the opportunity to listen to some of the material I got coming in for the BPS2 CDs. Very encouraging to see stuff from catters who were not on BPS1, but also some great stuff from a couple of the "veterans" too! One I've just heard for the first time has really BLOWN ME AWAY!!!! WOW, you guys are in for a real treat when this gets out. Now, just between you and me, you know I can't give too much away at this stage but what I can tell you is, it is beautiful. . I do have to keep the contributors name secret at this time until things get confirmed etc, so no guessing now. Right? But I did have to blow a little volcanic ash off before it would play!

It is lovely to see people dropping by and picking up on this project and I NEED MORE OF YOU to still keep on coming with your contributions as it will give it a broader feel and appeal.
We have members in many countries including Germany and there could be a German song in the pipeline. (We did have a french song on BPS1). On having an international membership,......... HOW ABOUT A BIT MORE INTEREST FROM THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE?
and you 'catters still thinking about it, JUST DO IT!!!!!   remember it IS about US getting together and doing what we do.      DEADLINE       31 MARCH 2011 PM or EMAIL