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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
21-Dec-10 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: 1st solstice/lunar eclipse in 500 years
Subject: RE: 1st solstice/lunar eclipse in 500 years
The moon was filtering through a curtain of cloud until about 11:30, when the first trace of shadow fell across the edge. At that point, the clouds departed, like opening the stage curtain for the big show. we watched the shadow gradually move over the surface, and when it was in half-eclipse, you could begin to see detail in the dark side. As the light dropped away to a quarter moon shape, the "dark" area began to take on texture and detail, and a sort of banding of light that gave the sphere a Martian look. As the light gleamed on the edge and extinguished, the moon took on a vivid three-dimensionality, looking like a gold-orange balloon that was maybe 600 feet in the air. That was the most striking thing about it...the feeling of proximity, and the almost palpable round mass of it, at times glowing orange at the center and with a golden halo around the edge.

It was silent where we were viewing it, and the stillness and the strange nearness of the moon really gave me a sense of the suspension of time and motion. I wondered how may calls were fielded at the police department from people unaware of the lunar eclipse, who took the moon for a great orange, round, alien craft.