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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
22-Dec-10 - 04:39 AM
Thread Name: On not knowing chords - and not helping
Subject: RE: On not knowing chords - and not helping
"depending on whether the semi-tone's major or minor"

Sorting the wheat from the chaff...

Firstly there are a lot of music 'in-jokes' in this thread, which you will completely miss unless you have quite a lot of Music Theory AND Music History (which is really necessary to understand Music Theory properly...) ... :-) I get the jokes...

"whether the semi-tone's major or minor" (which COULD be a weak pun...)

It seems that most requests 'for chords' here are for Western European Music Tunes for guitarists! If you are playing a modern commercially made standard guitar (made in the last hundred years or so), this is absolute nonsense - you will only have a preset pretuned equal tempered instrument! So it matters not whether 'major or minor' - on such an instrument, they ARE identical! That what 'equal temperament' means....

Truly, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing - it will not only lead you astray, but then you will lead others astray! :-)