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Posted By: Sandy Mc Lean
23-Dec-10 - 06:37 PM
Thread Name: 1st solstice/lunar eclipse in 500 years
Subject: RE: Lunar Eclipse
Spring tides (the highest monthly tides having nothing to do with the season of the year) occur when when the sun and moon pull together or in opposition. An eclipse can only happen during a full moon and at a time when the sun and moon are directly opposed. Therefore the tides are at their highest point at that time. Canada's Atlantic coastline has just been battered by an intense Nor'easter at the time of the peak rise of the sea. Hurricane force winds pushed this high water into a storm surge that swept much farther inland than normal causing great damage to shoreline and coastal infrastructure. All part of the fun of living on an island stuck out in the ocean. My home and neighbourhood escaped unscathed but other areas were much less fortunate.
Due to stormy skies the eclipse could not be seen here.