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Posted By: Rick Fielding
26-Sep-00 - 10:55 PM
Thread Name: Making Catspaw's 2-String Stick Dulcimer
Subject: RE: Making Catspaw's 2-String Stick Dulcimer
Bravo Spaw. I'm about three days from finishing turning my tool shed into my first actual WORKSHOP! (My daddy would be proud....although I think he'd be most proud that I've stayed out of jail and have a job of sorts)

I have to say that the very kind Mudcatter I met a few weeks ago "Shug" (who apparently posts under the name "Dizzy") has been an enormous help with the transformation.

I'm going to make yer dulcimer my first project. Can I make a small suggestion? Don't answer that. I will anyway. If you dont think you can measure accurately enough, put a string on first, and with a piece of wire the same diameter as the staple, move it around on the fingerboard to get the right fret placement. Start with the octave note, go to the fifth, fourth etc. and just mark it with a pencil to the right of the wire. Use a tuner if you got one. Afterwards just staple to the left of your mark.